Student Spotlight: Krunal Shah (2L)

Krunal Shah

News @ Georgia Law August 2012 Student Profile


Name:  Krunal Shah
Age:  25
Hometown:  Stone Mountain, GA
Expected graduation year:  2014
Georgia Law extracurricular activities:  Deans Ambassador; Journal of Intellectual Property Law, Editorial Board
Undergraduate degree(s)/institution(s)/year(s):  B.A. in Political Science / UGA / 2010


1. What did you do before attending law school?

  • Before law school I was given an opportunity to run marketing at a therapy-staffing agency in Michigan. The work gave me valuable insight into the inner workings of corporations and their decision-making processes. I am really excited to see how my experiences there will help me as I move forward.


2. Why did you choose to attend Georgia Law?  

  • Although I loved Athens, after spending four years here I took a serious look at different schools around the nation. When it came to decision time, however, it did not make sense to go anywhere else. All of the students I knew at the school consistently boasted about how helpful the students were to one another, how passionate their professors were about the subject matter in class and how much they enjoyed living in Athens for another three years. When factoring in the value the school provided, with the lowest tuition cost of the schools I was considering, it was the best decision I could have made.


3. Thus far, what is your most memorable experience from your time at Georgia Law?

  • I have had so many memorable moments in my first-year, but the first one that comes to mind was on my birthday. I attempted to go through the day without doing much but my classmates seemed to have another idea. In between class they brought me to the library for an impromptu birthday celebration.


4. What is your favorite activity/club/clinic that you are involved with at the law school?

  • Although I have not been involved in many activities yet, I have truly enjoyed my time as a Deans Ambassador.


5. What made you decide to join/enroll in that activity?

  • I had such an amazing time as an orientation leader as an undergraduate that I jumped at the opportunity to apply to become a Deans Ambassador.


6. What do you enjoy most about being a Deans Ambassador?

  • Having an opportunity to speak to students in the same position I was in a year ago and try and help them navigate the admissions process has been very rewarding. Not to mention the perks, such as having lunch with U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas when he visited the law school last year.


7. Where is your favorite place to study? Why?

  • In all honesty, it would have to be the law library. Being around my fellow classmates made studying as enjoyable as it could have been. Random walks down North Campus or taking a break to watch funny YouTube videos with my classmates became routine occurrences.


8. What are two things you always have to have with you when you study?

  • As silly as it sounds, there is only one type of pen that I wrote with throughout 1L year so I would have to say it was that pen and Starbucks.


9. What do you do to handle the stress of law school?

  • I think the culture of the law school itself has really helped cope with the stresses of 1L year. Whether it's the faculty, staff or students –  you really get the feeling that everyone is always on your side.


10. What is your favorite place on campus? Why?

  • North Campus has quickly become my favorite place on campus. There is always something to do there, whether it is throwing around the football or taking a short walk to refresh while studying.