Student/LBCLR Worker Payrate & Pay Increases

When the Law Library has the ability to determine pay rates, the Library will:

  • Pay 15-20% above minimum wage as the starting pay rate for Student/LBCLR workers.
  • Offer new workers with previous library experience an additional $0.25 per hour (“previous library experience” is defined as having eight months of full-time library work or sixteen months of part-time library work)

The Law Library strives to reward Student/LBCLR workers for longevity and quality of service to the Library by increasing their pay rate after two semesters of employment.

  • Only students and LBCLRs who have worked in the Law Library for 2 semesters and have been recommended for an increase by their supervisor are eligible.  
  • Any pay increase will be given in accordance with University pay increase rates and schedules.
  • During years with budget cuts, the Library may not award any raises.
  • Students and LBCLRs must be hired within the first four weeks of a semester to have that semester's work count towards time worked towards the raise.


Created: 5/23/2002
Last revised: April 2012