Transcripts/Grade Reports

Official Law School Grade Reports are prepared and provided by the Law School Registrar. Official Transcripts are provided by the University Registrar. In rare instances, the Law School GPA reflected on the University transcript may be slightly lower than the GPA reflected on your official Law School Grade Report. You should always provide the Official Law School Grade Report from the Law School Registrar to employers.

For 1Ls

First-year fall semester grades are received only in Criminal Law and Civil Procedure.  The fall exam scores for other first-year courses are a percentage of the final grades that students will receive at the end of the spring semester.  As a result, complete Law School Grade Reports are not available for first-year students until after spring semester grades are submitted.
In order to assist employers in evaluating first-year students for summer employment, the following template has been prepared by the Career Development Office for students to use in reporting numeric scores received in courses other than Criminal Law and Civil Procedure.

General Guidelines:

  • You are not permitted to estimate letter grades or your overall rank within the first-year class.  You may only provide the precise information that faculty members give you concerning your numeric scores in each course.
  • Any explanation of your numeric scores must be in the context of your section, not the entire first-year class.
  • Consistent with your obligations under the Law School’s Honor Code Constitution, you must be truthful and accurate in all that you report.

If you have any questions, please contact CDO, the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, or the Law School Registrar.

For 2Ls and 3Ls

Applying to Jobs through Direct Contact

Only submit a grade report when requested by the employer.

For most employment purposes, when you are asked to submit a "transcript" or "grade report," the unofficial transcript  generated through Athena will be perfectly acceptable. If you are asked for an "official" transcript, contact the Law School Registrar to order one (Hirsch Hall, Room 109 or (706) 542-5123).

Applying to Jobs through Symplicity (OCI or Resume Forward)

When applying to jobs in Symplicity, you must upload an unofficial transcript available in Athena. Follow the instructions for creating a PDF (or Word document) of your grades through Athena. ***Be sure to include the explanatory language on Athena provided by the Law School Registrar


For Alumni

Alumni should contact the Law School Registrar to order copies of their Official Law School Grade Report.

Never use a transcript from the University Registrar or printed from OASIS when reporting law school grades.  For students who went to UGA for some other degree, make sure to send a Law School Grade Report from the Law School Registrar along with the University transcript.