UGA Info

UGAID Number

Your UGAID number can be found by logging into ATHENA and clicking the "Financial Aid" button and then "Financial Aid Status". You will see your UGAID number in front of your name in the upper right corner of the page.

UGACard: Student ID Card

You will obtain your UGACard after you arrive on campus in August.  Your UGACard may be used for after-hours access to the law school library and to enter sporting events with a student ticket, among other things.  UGACards are available at the Tate Student Center.  The office is located in room 309 and the cost for the card is $30.00. For First-time ID Requests, one of the following is REQUIRED: State-issued Driver's License or ID, Passport, or Military ID. Identification documents must be original - photos, scans, or photocopies will not be accepted. You must be registered and have your fees assessed for the current semester prior to having your UGACard made.

If you are interested in using your UGACard as a debit card, create a Bulldog Bucks account.

Summer and Fall 2020
The UGA OneCard Office has implemented a new ID Photo Upload system. As a new UGA student attending the online Orientation program, you will be able to upload your own ID photo to be used on your first UGA OneCard. You can find more information on the UGA Onecard for Incoming Students page.


Some UGA systems require more than your MyID and password for access, including ATHENA and eLC . For these systems and applications, you’ll need to use ArchPass, UGA’s two-step login solution, which is powered by Duo. This two-step login process adds an extra layer of security to help protect your UGA accounts.

UGA applications protected by ArchPass will ask you to:

  1. Enter your UGA MyID and password.
  2. You can verify your ID with the Duo Mobile app, a text message or a phone call to your Duo-enrolled phone or tablet.

You can enroll a phone or tablet through the Self-Service Portal. You can find instructions for enrolling devices on the Help Desk.

Ramsey Center

Membership to the Ramsey Center, one of the largest student recreational facilities in the country, is included in your law school tuition and fees.  A UGACard is required for access to the Center.

Student Health Center: Health Insurance

Information about student health insurance may be found through the Student Health Center and UGA HR.  

Disability Resource Center

The University of Georgia School of Law is committed to providing support for disabled law students.  If you have a disability which may require accommodations under federal law, please contact the University Disability Resource Center prior to 1L Orientation.

Student Tickets to Athletic Events

You may visit the UGA Athletic Association website for information pertaining to student tickets to athletic events. You will need your UGACard and a MasterCard or Visa to purchase tickets.

Student Veterans Resource Center

To position student veterans for success, the SVRC serves as the go-to location for sensemaking, wayfinding, and entry into the array of services available through the university/community, while also offering wide-ranging support and advocacy.