Course Offerings

You will find a broad and challenging curriculum at Georgia Law - nearly 170 courses are offered, although not all of the listed courses are taught each year. First-year students are just as likely to encounter a tenured or chaired faculty member in the classroom as they are a junior professor.  Distinguished visitors and adjuncts supplement the faculty and diversify the upper-level curriculum. Not all listed courses are offered each semester. Periodically, other courses are offered.  Unless otherwise noted, all law courses carry the prefix "JURI." 

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  • Wilderness Law and Policy , JURI 5275 , Credit Hours: 3
    This course will provide an in-depth look at the federal lands managed under the Wilderness Act of 1964 and subsequent enactments, as well as the regulations that the federal land management agencies employ in governing these lands. In addition, systems of state, private and international wilderness protection will be discussed.

  • Wildlife Law , JURI 5276 , Credit Hours: 2
    An examination of the Federal and state legal framework dealing with wildlife. The course reviews wildlife law and policy from a variety of perspectives, including those recognizing sustainable use as a valuable conservation tool, as well as regulated hunting as a component of conservation and sound wildlife management. Selected topics include the North American Wildlife Conservation Model, the Public Trust Doctrine, the right to hunt and fish, the Federal preemption of state laws, the state role on Federal lands, the Federal protection of species, and the Federal protection of wildlife habitat. The course will include not only legal education, but practical application of the law.

  • Workers' Compensation , JURI 5060 , Credit Hours: 3
    Analyzes law governing workplace accidents and diseases and its relationship to orthodox tort doctrine. Among topics studied are substantive limitations on coverage, administrative process in handling claims, and various approaches toward computing compensation awards.

  • Working in Washington , JURI 3203 , Credit Hours: 3
    Students will study key concepts and institutions of our system of government as well as the practical and political realities impacting law and policy-making in Washington. Students will consider and hear directly from senior government officials, lawmakers and policy leaders regarding their actual work on the ground. Students will apply this practical understanding to analyze issues of national importance including, for example, the immigration crisis and President Trump’s “Travel Ban.” Class also will expose students to the wide range of professional opportunities available to them in Washington.

  • Writing for Judicial Clerkships , JURI 4088 , Credit Hours: 2
    This course introduces students to the workings of judicial chambers and provides experience in writing the types of documents commonly required of judicial clerks, such as jury instructions, trial court opinions, appellate court opinions, and bench memoranda.