How to Apply

Students may enroll in the Criminal Defense Practicum for up to four semesters. The first semester students enroll in Criminal Defense Practicum 1 (CDP 1).  Enrollment in CDP 1 requires submission of an application and acceptance into the program, followed by enrollment through the regular law school enrollment process.  Enrollment in CDP 1 is not subject to the point system.  You can download an application, or pick on up in the office of Wilhemenia Haynes or through Professor Gabriel.  Ms. Haynes’ office is located at the top of the rotunda in Hirsch Hall.  Applications should be completed and emailed to  

For second and subsequent semesters students enroll in Criminal Defense Practicum 2.   No further application is needed for CDP 2, but enrollment in CDP 2 is subject to the regular law school point system.
Please address any questions to Professor Russell Gabriel at