Application Deadlines

These are the application deadlines. Applications must be submitted no later than 5pm of the day on these dates.

List of Clinics, Externships and Experiential Learning Programs

Spring 2023

Wednesday, September 28

  • Atlanta Semester in Practice
  • Civil Externships (Atlanta)
  • Capital Assistance Project (Atlanta)

Wednesday, October 12

  • Business Law Clinic
  • Capital Assistance Project (Athens)
  • Civil Externships (Athens)
  • Criminal Defense Practicum I
  • Corporate Counsel Externships (full and part-time)
  • DC Semester in Practice
  • First Amendment Clinic
  • Jane W. Wilson Family Justice Clinic
  • Mediation Practicum II
  • Practicum in Animal Welfare Skills (PAWS)
  • Prosecutorial Justice Program
  • Veterans Legal Clinic
  • Wilbanks CEASE Clinic

Friday, October 28

  • Deadline for first offers to students
  • Students need not accept first offers until after this date

Monday, October 31

  • Deadline for student decisions on first offers

Monday, November 7

  • Final decisions on all waiting lists.

November 9 - 11

  • Points Allocation for:
    • Criminal Defense Practicum II
    • Mediation Practicum I
    • Public Interest Practicum