Clinic and Externship Application Deadlines

These are the application deadlines. Applications must be submitted no later than 5pm of the day on these dates.

Fall 2020 Application Deadlines

Monday, March 2

  • Atlanta Semester in Practice (Civil Ext)
  • Civil Externships (Atlanta)
  • Capital Assistance Project (Atlanta)
  • DC Semester in Practice (first round)

Wednesday, March 18

  • Appellate Litigation Clinic
  • Business Law Clinic
  • Capital Assistance Project (Athens)
  • Civil Externships (Athens)
  • Community Health Law Partnership (HeLP)
  • Corporate Counsel Externships (Full Time & Part Time)
  • Criminal Defense Practicum I
  • DC Semester in Practice (second round)
  • First Amendment Clinic
  • Jane W. Wilson Family Justice Clinic
  • Practicum in Animal Welfare Skills (PAWS)
  • Veterans Legal Clinic
  • Wilbanks CEASE Clinic

Wednesday, April 1

  • Deadline for first offers to students
  • Students need not accept first offers till after this date

Friday, April 3

  • Deadline for student decisions on first offers

Monday, April 6

  • Final decisions on all waiting lists.

April 8 - 10

  • Point Allocation for:
    • Criminal Defense Practicum II
    • Environmental Practicum
    • Mediation I and II
    • Public Interest Practicum

Summer 2020 Application Deadlines

Wednesday, March 18*

  • Capital Assistance Project
  • Corporate Counsel Externship (School Arranged)
  • Criminal Defence Practicum
  • Summer Externships (School Arranged)
  • Veterans Legal Clinic
  • Wilbanks CEASE Clinic

* Applications may remain open after deadline if space is available.

Open Until Filled

  • Corporate Counsel Externships (Student Arranged)
  • Summer Externships (Student Arranged)
    • Includes prosecution placements for students who have not taken Prosecutorial Justice Program I.

Regular Enrollment (No Application Required)

  • Mediation I & II