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Carol A. Watson
Director of the Law Library
Legal Research, Law Libraries, Institutional Repositories, Emerging Library & Legal Technology

Michael L. Wells
Marion and W. Colquitt Carter Chair in Tort and Insurance Law
Torts, Insurance, Federal Courts, Constitutional Litigation, Constitutional Law

Sonja R. West
Associate Professor of Law
U.S. Supreme Court, Media Law, Constitutional Law

Cathleen S. Wharton
Director, Legal Research & Writing
Legal Research & Writing

Rebecca Hanner White
Dean and J. Alton Hosch Professor of Law
Labor Law, Labor Arbitration, Employment Law, Employment Discrimination

Donald E. Wilkes Jr.
Professor of Law Emeritus
Search & Seizure, Postconviction Relief, Lawlessness in Law Enforcement, English Legal History, Defendant's Rights, Criminal Law & Procedure, Confessions, Capital Punishment