Using the Law Degree in Non-Practicing Careers:

  • Alternative uses of the JD degree are as varied and individualistic as the students and lawyers who pursue the careers
  • There are valuable and transferable skill sets from law school for many careers - and law students and lawyers can make the case to potential employers about the value of the skills
  • The first step in using your JD in a creative way is undergoing self-assessment - formally or informally - to determine your goals and how best to bring together your experience, the law degree and your career desires
  • Networking is an essential part of utilizing the JD in a non-traditional career path
  • Be ready to explain what you learn in law school, what goes on in class, and how this can be useful outside the legal employment setting - never take for granted that non-lawyers will understand the law school environment
  • Network before the job becomes available, so that the potential employer is already open to considering someone with a JD degree in a position that does not require one

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