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The University of Georgia School of Law offers dual degree programs that enable students to earn both the law and graduate degrees in three or four academic years rather than the five it would take to obtain them individually. Applicants must apply separately to both programs. Three-year dual degree programs are not open to transfer students. Four-year dual degree programs may be open to transfer students with prior approval from the Director of Dual Degree Programs and the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.

Please see the University of Georgia School of Law Handbook as well as the links below for more information regarding each dual degree program. All Dual Degree students are required to successfully complete the first year of J.D. coursework, the Law and Ethics of Lawyering course, six (6) practice skills credit hours, a document drafting course before the end of the 2L year or the second year of the 3-year J.D./M.B.A. program and the 3-year J.D./MAcc program, and the capstone writing requirement in order to graduate from the J.D. program.  

In addition, dual degree students must also complete 64 credits in courses that qualify as regularly scheduled class sessions or direct faculty instruction at the law school. Dual degree students should regularly consult with the School of Law's registrar to ensure they are on course to meet this requirement. Finally, dual degree students should notify the law registrar of their intended dual degree status during the fall of their first year of J.D. coursework, before enrolling in electives for the spring of that year.

Applicants interested in pursuing a dual degree program should contact the corresponding school in addition to the School of Law. For any additional information, contact Associate Director of Admissions Shannon Hinson at

Available Dual Degrees: