Meet Our Students!

We seek to facilitate meaningful student/employer relationships. UGA School of Law invites you to interview our students, collect resumes, and schedule networking events with our law students and student groups.

Contact the Career Development Office ( to learn more.


Interview Program Information for Employers

UGA School of Law provides you the opportunity to interview our students and recent graduates at no charge to employers. All interviews can be pre-screened by employers.

Recruiting Opportunity


Fall 2024 Interview Program

Early Interview Week:
August 6 - 9

Interview Program:
September 3 - November 15

Spring 2025 Interview Program   

Interview Program:

Schedule interviews or post a job in any of the following ways:

  • Post directly to our LawDawgDash* career services software to schedule interviews or post a job.
    *Must have or create an employer profile to access the site.
  • Complete the online form and our office will follow up with confirmation.
  • Email us at or call us at (706) 542-9737.

Ideally, employer registration for interviews should be submitted at least three weeks prior to the preferred interview date in order to allow time for collection of applications and employer pre-screening. If you must interview on shorter notice, please contact us and we will endeavor to accommodate a shorter timeline.


Interact with Our Students

UGA School of Law makes it easy for employers to interact with our students. Below are just a few examples of how your organization can meet students and become more well-known within our law school:

  • Professional development workshops (an attorney provides a 45 minute training to students)
  • Mock interview training (conduct mock interviews and provide students with feedback)
  • Virtual conversations (conduct informal discussions about your firm or practice)
  • Sponsorship opportunities (sponsor professional development related items or events)
  • Small group career counseling (an attorney meets with small groups of students throughout the day to provide practice insights)

Please contact Katie Voyles if you'd like to learn more about these opportunities.