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Associate Dean & Martin Chair of Law Andrea L. Dennis' book Rap on Trial was featured on regarding the use of rap lyrics as evidence in criminal trials. The article titled "Rhyme and Reason: The Legal and Ethical Challenges of Using Rap Lyrics as Evidence" was written by the New Jersey Law Journal Young Lawyers Advisory Board and published 7/9/24.


Assistant Professor Adam D. Orford was featured in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution regarding the operations of the Greenfuels Energy company. The article titled "String of environmental violations raises concerns about firm linked to Okefenokee mine project" was written by Dylan Jackson and Drew Khan and was published 7/15/24.

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Clinical Associate Professor & Wilbanks Child Endangerment and Sexual Exploitation Clinic Director Emma M. Hetherington was featured in The Independent regarding sex trafficking allegations at an Atlanta hotel. The article titled "Customers complained about prostitution at this hotel chain for years. The company claimed it didn’t see it" was written by Richard Hall and Alicja Hagopian and was published 7/8/24. The article was republished by other media outlets including Bloomberg Law and Yahoo! News.


Assistant Professor Adam D. Orford was featured in The Current regarding the U.S. Supreme Court's Chevron deference doctrine decision. The article titled "Sapelo Residents Petition for Special Election" was written by Mary Landers and published 7/10/24.


Assistant Professor Adam D. Orford was featured in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution regarding the U.S. Supreme Court's Loper Bright Enterprises v. Raimondo decision. The article titled "Supreme Court upends federal regulation. What it means for Georgia" was written by Michael E. Kanell and Drew Kann and was published 7/3/24.