Business Cards

Business cards are useful networking tools.  They are an easy and effective way to provide your contact information to people you meet.

University of Georgia School of Law students are provided with their first set of business cards through the Career Development Office. Students should watch their emails for links to provide their information and to approve their proofs. This free first set of business cards utilizes an approved format with the University of Georgia licensed logo.

Any students needing to re-order should contact Associate Director of Career Development, Katie Voyles at

Tips for Use:

  • Offer someone a card if the conversation makes it clear that it is appropriate for you to provide them with your contact information.  You will not need to give a card to everyone you meet at an event.
  • Ask the other person for a card, if there is a reason for you to follow up with that person after the event.
  • Keep your cards handy, in a pocket if possible.  You may want to keep your own business cards in one pocket and your collected cards in another pocket.
  • As soon as you leave a networking event, make notes on the back of each card you collected.  Include relevant information, like how and where you met the person, what you discussed, and any helpful memory cues.
  • Save the collected cards, either physically or electronically, for appropriate follow-up.