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University Professor & Kilpatrick Chair of Corporate Finance and Securities Law Usha Rodrigues was featured on Bloomberg regarding Digital World Acquisition Corporation stock and its sale. The article titled "Trump Eyes $4 Billion Stock Windfall as His Legal Bills Pile Up" was written by Bailey Lipschultz and published 2/27/24.

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Clinical Assistant Professor & First Amendment Clinic Director Clare R. Norins was featured in the Atlanta Civic Circle regarding Georgia Senate Bill 392. The article titled "Does Georgia's bill banning 'deepfakes' go too far?" was written by Ryan Zickgraf and published 2/21/24.

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Associate Professor Jonathan Peters was featured in Slate regarding the possibility of publishers limiting liability through the deletion of news archives. The article titled "When Media Outlets Shutter, Why Are the Websites Wiped, Too?" was written by Scott Nover and published 2/23/24.

Georgia Journalism and Access Project Attorney Samantha C. Hamilton was featured on WABE, Atlanta's National Public Radio affiliate, regarding the use of burner phones. The segment titled "Georgia attorney cautions against state prosecutors attempt to connect burner phones to criminal intent" aired as part of "Closer Look with Rose Scott" on 2/21/24.

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Wilson Associate Professor in Business Law Laura Phillips-Sawyer was featured in Motherboard/VICE Media regarding the major questions doctrine and federal agencies. The article titled "Amazon joins Elon Musk's SpaceX in mission to destroy federal agency protecting workers" was written by Jules Roscoe and published 2/16/24.