Ellen R. Jordan Fund for Public Interest Law - 

The purpose of the Fund is to support and enhance the study of Public Interest Law at the University of Georgia School of Law. It will provide an annual Award (the Ellen R. Jordan Public Interest Law Award) to the rising or past graduate of the Law School, who has best demonstrated both exceptional accomplishment in and commitment to public interest law. Recipient(s) will receive an Award in recognition of their public interest activities.

In addition, the Fund may also be used at the discretion of the Dean to support students and student organizations engaged in public interest law activity (both during and outside the academic year). In making the allocation, the Dean may give priority to activities for which alternate or adequate funds do not exist and, when possible, may help students take advantage of public interest opportunities in the absence of other financial support. 

Ways to Give
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    • Check payable to: UGA Foundation
      For: Ellen R. Jordan Fund for Public Interest Law (71262003)

      University of Georgia School of Law
      Law School Advancement Office
      225 Herty Drive
      Athens, GA 30602-6012
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Fund Type
Student Award

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