tony waller and 2024-25 NALP President Rebecca Calman

During April, Assistant Dean for Career Development Tony Waller completed his tenure as the president of NALP (the National Association for Law Placement), an international association of over 3,000 legal career professionals who advise law students, lawyers, law offices and law schools.

Of note, he is the first person from the state of Georgia to serve in this leadership capacity in over 20 years.

Waller joined the School of Law in 2015 as the school's director of public sector career advising and bar exam success programming, and he has been responsible for advising students and graduates on public interest and governmental employment as well as ensuring employers in those practices have access to School of Law students. Additionally, he is responsible for the school's bar success programming.

Professionally, Waller has been a longtime member of NALP, having served as president, vice chair of the Nominating Committee and the Conference Planning Committee, chair of the JD Advisors Section as well as a member of the Technology Resource Group and the By-Law Review Committee.

Waller earned his bachelor's degree cum laude in agricultural economics and his law degree from UGA.


Pictured above: Tony Waller with 2024-25 NALP President Rebecca Calman, the director of legal recruiting and training at Sullivan Cromwell in New York. Photo by Richard Mitchell at Richard Mitchell Photography