One of the most difficult tasks for the personal injury attorney is to set a value for physical injury and calculate damages. Valuation guides use actual jury awards and settlement figures to set a value range or at least report what plaintiffs with similar injuries have recovered.

Combined JAS Jury Verdicts and Settlements
    WESTLAW database:  JAS-JV 
Civil jury verdict and settlement summaries for several states including Georgia. Information includes case type; venue; names of parties, attorneys, and expert witnesses; summary of case; insurance carrier; settlement efforts; and dollar range of verdict or settlement. Tip: To restrict the results to Georgia cases include the field search: ST(GA or Georgia).

Dollar Verdicts: Personal Injury
    KF1256.A75 .D64 Balcony
Provides collections of cases involving similar injuries as a gauge for predicting what a jury will award in future cases, and for predicting judicial review for excessiveness or inadequacy of awards.

Georgia Trial Reporter
    LEXIS path: Legal/States Legal - U.S./Georgia/Find Briefs, Motions, Pleadings & Jury Verdicts/GA Trial Reporter (file-name: GAJURY)
The Georgia Trial Reporter, published by JAS Publishing, contains verdicts and settlements from cases arising in Georgia's county courts.  The majority of the verdicts and settlements are reported from Cobb, Clayton, DeKalb, Fulton and Gwinnette counties.  

Jury Verdict and Settlement Summaries
    WESTLAW database: LRP-JV 
The summaries consist of information such as case type, geographical area where a case was tried or settled, party names, attorneys' names, expert witnesses' names, factual information about the case, and verdict or settlement amounts.
Personal Injury Valuation Handbooks
    KF1256 .A8 P872 Reference
This is a multi-volume set organized by types of injuries. The publishers collect jury verdict information nationwide and statistically analyze the information to develop tables of Basic Injury Values. The set includes a Case Evaluation Manual with a number of forms.

National Jury Verdicts Review & Analysis
    LEXIS path: Legal/Area of Law - By Topic/Litigation Practice & Procedure/Find Briefs, Motions, Pleadings & Jury Verdicts/Jury Verdicts & Experts (file-name: NTLREV)
    WESTLAW database: JV-NAT
Federal and state civil jury verdict and settlement summaries from around the country, including information such as case type; venue; attorneys, judge, and expert witnesses; summary of the facts; and dollar range of verdict or settlement.

Verdicts, Settlements & Tactics
    LEXIS path: Legal/Area of Law - By Topic/Litigation Practice & Procedure/Find Briefs, Motions, Pleadings & Jury Verdicts/Jury Verdicts & Experts (file-name: VERST)
    WESTLAW database: VST
The database contains summaries of verdicts and settlements in recently decided personal injury cases.

What’s It Worth
    KF1257 .W45 Balcony
The material in this annual publication is intended to aid in determining the value of a plaintiff's case, or for use by a defense attorney in estimating the extent of a client's potential exposure. The material is organized by the type of injury and then further organized by amount of settlement and amounts found adequate, inadequate or excessive on appeal.
LEXIS path: Legal/Area of Law - By Topic/Litigation Practice & Procedure/Find Briefs, Motions, Pleadings & Jury Verdicts/Jury Verdicts & Experts (file-name: WORTH)


    The Loyola Law Review,  K12 .O87,  produces an annual quantum study of Louisiana personal injury awards. The study is organized by type of injury: chest and stomach, leg and knee, etc., including psychological. The study is included in the Fall issue. Also available online through Hein Online, LexisNexis, and Westlaw.

    The Maritime Lawyer,  KF1097 .T8, from Tulane University has a survey of reported admiralty personal injury awards that appears every three to four years (usually in a  Spring or Summer issue). The cases are admiralty or maritime cases and the plaintiffs are typically involved in commercial shipping including cruise ships.

    Many issues of the The National Law Journal include a Verdicts & Settlements column. The information is produced by VerdictSearch which is a jury verdict research company, Westlaw compiles this information in the National Law Journal Annual Jury Verdict Reports
    VerdictSearch also presents the top 100 awards of the year, currently for 2007. has a keyword searchable database with basic case information.


    The following titles focus on broader issues concerning damages such as identifying the appropriate damages, locating damages information, and evidentiary concerns. The print titles are currently updated by pocket parts, supplements, or new pages.

Georgia Law of Damages with Forms
    KFG195 .H47 Georgia Reference
Recovery for Wrongful Death and Injury
    KF1260 .S662 2005 Balcony

Jury Instructions on Damages in Tort Actions
    KF8984 .E23 1998  Balcony

Stein on Personal Injury Damages, 3rd Edition
    WESTLAW database: STEIN

Punitive Damages in Georgia
    KFG195 .H475 2006  Georgia Reference

Structured Settlements
    WESTLAW database: STRST