Atlanta, GA

Students will have the opportunity to work in the Office of the Speaker of the House and the Majority Caucus generally or in one of several other House Committees during the annual Legislative Session in the Spring. Students will be supervised by the Speaker's Counsel or the Legal Counsel to the Committee that the student is assigned based on the student's interest and expertise. Possible committees include: Judiciary, Ways and Means, Education, and Insurance.

Externs will receive robust exposure to the legislative process, policy development, and legal analysis. Their responsibilities will include reviewing proposed legislation and advising the Speaker's Counsel or Committee Legal Counsel on the policy implications of such legislation as well as provide legal analysis and research regarding the same; attend legislative hearings; provide support to member Representatives; and draft preliminary legislation for submission to the Office of Legislative Counsel where the opportunity arises.

Prerequisites: Constitutional Law I

Preferences: 3.0 GPA or higher. Constitutional Law II; State and Local Government; Legislation Class.

Spring Only

Accepts Full Time Applications
Accepts Part Time Applications
Other Criteria

Interest in working with advocates and legislators on issues pending before the Georgia General Assembly and in gaining exposure to and experience in analyzing legislation.

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