Decatur, GA

The Southern Poverty Law Center is a non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to racial justice in the South and beyond. Specifically, the Voting Rights Practice Group works across the five states—Georgia, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama—in collaboration with community partners and organizers to engage and mobilize voters, restore voting rights to returning citizens, pursue electoral policy reforms, and bring litigation to challenge unconstitutional and discriminatory voting practices. Externs will have the opportunity to work on a variety of litigation and advocacy projects relating to the SPLC’s work in courts, legislatures, and communities. Externs will work alongside attorneys on all aspects and phases of litigation including client interviews, discovery, trial preparation, and appeals. Externs may also be asked to write legislative research memos and prepare legislative testimony, including federal testimony, for or during an upcoming legislative session. Other work may include conducting legal and policy research; drafting memoranda, affidavits, and briefs; researching prospects for potential investigations and new litigation, including both factual and legal claims; supporting legislative research and drafting public education materials; and attending community events with attorneys. Externs may also have the opportunity to travel for work-related events in our five focus states.

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Preferred courses: Election Law, Georgia Election Law

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Private Non-profit
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Writing sample less than 10 pages