What is a wireless network?
A wireless network allows those without access to wired network ports access to online resources such as the Internet as well as the campus network. It does so using the 802.11b or 802.11g wireless network standard which allows communication between a device such as a laptop or smartphone and a wireless access point connected to the campus network.

What constitutes acceptable use of the wireless network?
See the UGA Policies on Use of Computers on the University Network at https://infosec.uga.edu/policies/aup.php. Although you may be on your laptop you are still using the University network. This means that you are bound by the acceptable use guidelines mentioned in the above link.

Where is the wireless network available?
Wireless access is available through the Law School's classrooms, common areas, and surrounding grounds. 

How do I configure my wireless card to use the wireless network?
Most wireless cards will automatically detect the "PAWS Secure" wireless network. If your card must be set manually you should set your SSID to "PAWS Secure". If you are having trouble accessing the network, you can call or visit our help desk in the Law Library Annex(706-542-0895) or contact the UGA help desk directly(706-542-3106)

How do I print to law library printers from my laptop?
Wireless printing is available for both PCs, Macs, and wireless devices through our print kiosk located in the copy room behind the reference desk. For more information see the EITS print kiosk support page.

For more information on the UGA wireless network please see:   http://www.eits.uga.edu/paws/gettingstarted.html