LL.M. students at the University of Georgia School of Law may apply for admission into the Georgia Law J.D. program as transfer students.

To request admission, an applicant must submit the following information to the Associate Director for International Professional Education at the Dean Rusk International Law Center. Applications may be submitted at any time after the student requesting the transfer has received all of his or her grades from the most recently completed semester, but no later than June 15 of the student's graduation year.

This application process applies only to students who seek to have the transfer take effect after they have successfully completed the Georgia Law LL.M. degree.

Required materials

  • A personal essay of no more than 500 words, explaining why the applicant wishes to transfer into the J.D. program, is capable of completing the J.D. program, and can be admitted to the bar.
  • A copy of the applicant's University of Georgia LL.M. transcript (available at no cost from the Georgia Law registrar). Applicants will have a strong record of prior academic success in rigorous programs of legal education, including the Georgia Law LL.M. curriculum.
  • A letter of recommendation from a member of the Georgia Law faculty who has instructed the applicant in a course at the University of Georgia School of Law. This letter must address the applicant's potential for success in J.D. studies and likelihood of being admitted to the bar. A second letter of recommendation may be submitted, if the applicant believes that such a submission would assist the law school in making the admissions decision.

Decision and credit transfer

Decisions on LL.M.-to-J.D. transfer applications will be made by the Georgia Law Dean or the Dean's designee, which may include a committee composed of faculty members and/or admissions personnel.

Following a positive admissions decision, the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs shall make a preliminary - and provisional - determination of the credit hours to be awarded as transfer credits. This preliminary determination will be finalized upon receipt of any additional information requested by the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. Information requested typically will involve details about previously completed coursework, as well as certification by each relevant Georgia Law instructor that the coursework completed by the applicant in the instructor's course met or exceeded the performance standards required of a Georgia Law J.D. student in good standing.

Transferrable credit hours may include courses taken in the Georgia Law LL.M. program, as well as courses completed at a law school outside the United States. The assessment of credit for courses taken outside the United States shall occur in a manner required by the American Bar Association (currently, Standard 505(b)).

Transferred credits may not exceed 30 credit hours. All transferred credits will be entered in the applicant's J.D. transcript on a Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory basis. The LL.M.-to-J.D. transfer student will not be assigned a class rank until the student has completed a full year of J.D. study.