Admissions understands that it is not always possible to arrange to visit us, and makes themselves available to connect with prospective students at local, regional, and national recruiting events each year. Use the list of recruiting events below to determine when our admissions representatives will be participating in either a virtual event you can attend online or an in-person event near you.

All events listed are for the Fall 2023 recruiting season. Information about LSAC forums can be found at

September 11 - Washington University Virtual Law School Fair

September 12 - Prospective Student Open House Exclusively for UGA Students and Graduates.

September 13 - The University of Texas at Dallas, Richardson, TX (SWAPLA)

September 13 - Mercer University All-Georgia Panel (Zoom)

September 15 - Baylor University, Waco, TX (SWAPLA)

September 18 - The University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX  (SWAPLA)

September 20 - Texas A&M, College Station, TX (SWAPLA)

September 21 - University of Houston, Houston, TX (SWAPLA)

September 22 - National HBCU Pre-Law Summit, Washington, D.C.

September 23 - LSAC Chicago Law School Forum, Chicago, IL

September 25 - Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA (SWAPLA)

September 25 - UGA Virtual Prospective Student Open House

September 27 - University of Virginia Graduate and Professional School Fair, Charlottesville, VA

September 28 - Boston University Law School Fair, Boston, MA

September 30 - LSAC Miami Law School Forum, Miami, FL

October 2 - UGA Law School Fair, Athens, GA

October 4 - University of South Carolina/Furman University Law School Fair, Columbia, SC

October 4 - University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI (MAPLA)

October 4 - Georgia Tech Pre-Law Society Information Session, Atlanta, GA

October 4 - AUCC Graduate School Fair, Atlanta, GA

October 5 - University of Illinois Champaign - Urbana Law Fair, Urbana, IL (MAPLA)

October 5 - Morehouse College Law Fair, Atlanta, GA

October 6 - LSAC Atlanta Law School Forum, Atlanta, GA

October 9 - George Washington University Washington, D.C. Law School Fair, Washington, D.C.

October 10 - UGA Prospective Student Open House, Athens, GA - Registration deadline has passed

October 11 - LSAC Digital Law School Forum

October 12 - University of Florida Graduate and Professional Schools Fair, Gainesville, FL

October 12 - University of California Berkeley Graduate and Law School Fair (Virtual)

October 12 - Savannah State University Info Session, Savannah, GA

October 12 - Georgia Southern University, Statesboro, GA

October 12 - Georgia College and State University Grad Fest, Milledgeville, GA

October 13 - LSAC New York Law School Forum, New York, NY

October 14 - LSAC New York Law School Forum, New York, NY

October 17 - The Ohio State University Law Fair, Columbus, Ohio

October 18 - UGA Grad School Information Day, Athens, GA

October 19 - University of Central Florida Graduate & Professional School Fair, Orlando, FL

October 19  - Agnes Scott College Publius Pre-Law Society, Decatur, GA

October 19 - University of North Georgia Pre-Law Informational Panel, Virtual

October 23 - Kennesaw State University Info Session, Virtual

October 24 - FAMU Legal Scholars Annual Law Day, Tallahassee, FL

October 25 - FSU Graduate and Law School Fair, Tallahassee, FL

October 25 - UC Davis Graduate and Law School Fair, Davis, CA

October 26 - University of Southern California Law School Fair, Los Angeles, CA

October 28 - LSAC Los Angeles Law School Forum, Los Angeles, CA

October 30 - Young Harris College, Young Harris, GA

November 1 - University of Florida Blue Key's Legal Professional Day, Gainesville, FL

November 2 - SAPLA Annual Conference and Law Forum - Atlanta, GA

November 2 - Greater Charlotte Law School Fair - Davidson, NC

November 7 - UGA Virtual Prospective Student Open House - Online - Register here:

November 9 - Wake Forest Virtual Graduate, Law & Professional School Fair

November 14 - LSAC Digital Law School Forum

November 18 - LSAC San Francisco Law School Forum, San Francisco, CA