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The University of Georgia School of Law seeks to enroll an accomplished student body whose breadth of experiences and array of talents will enrich the educational experience for all students. The admissions committee considers admission test scores and grade point averages to be significant measures upon which to base admission decisions, but committee members also recognize the importance of other components of the applicant's record, including but not limited to: character; community involvement; professional activities; employment experiences; undergraduate institution and major; graduate and professional school work; and state of residence.

The Admissions Committee will consider all LSAT or GRE scores but will rely primarily on the highest score if an applicant takes a test more than once. Applicants for the 2024 entering class must take the LSAT or GRE no later than the June 2024 test administration and are encouraged to register for an earlier administration. Test scores beginning with the June 2019 test administration for either exam are acceptable. Note: If an applicant has taken both the LSAT and the GRE, they must report their LSAT score. An applicant cannot withhold an LSAT score if they have one regardless of whether they have a GRE score.

Admission Procedures

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