United States

Collect most primary sources of U.S. federal law along with secondary legal material.

The Law Library was designated as a Federal Depository Library in 1979, under the provisions of 44 U.S.C. §1916.  Participation in the depository program aids the Law Library in supporting our patrons’ needs for U.S. government legal information.


Maintain a comprehensive collection of Georgia primary source materials and a research level collection of secondary sources including practitioners' materials.

Other States

In support of the Legal Research & Writing curriculum, the Law Library purchases and keeps up to date the official state statutes, session laws, and court rules for the following states: Georgia, Florida, Illinois, North Carolina, and Texas.  In addition, regional reporters and digests covering these states are also maintained.  Currently those titles are:

  • Digests: Southeastern Digest, Illinois Digest, Texas Digest
  • Regional Reporters: West’s South Eastern Reporter, West’s Southern Reporter, West’s North Eastern Reporter, West’s South Western Reporter

Superseded state statutes are retained. 

Foreign Law

Historically, the Law Library collected foreign legal materials with the goal of creating strong collections in a limited number of specified jurisdictions.  Current demand is broader and less predictable, requiring a flexible approach that allows us to provide users with materials from a greater number of jurisdictions. 

  • We do not duplicate print access to items already available from a reliable digital source unless print is required by the research needs of our users.
  • We prefer materials in English but also collect materials in other languages according to the research demands and language skills of the Law School Faculty.
  • We collect the following categories of foreign legal materials:
    • multi-jurisdictional compilations of primary law in high-demand subjects, including intellectual property, environmental law, dispute resolution, trade, tax and commercial law
    • periodicals in high-demand subjects and jurisdictions
    • treatises in high-demand subjects and jurisdictions
    • select reference works, including encyclopedias and dictionaries
    • other materials according to the research demands of users

EU Depository

The Law Library became a Specialized European Documentation Centre in 1987. Through our European Union depository program agreement, we receive EU documents in the following categories:

  • customs union and free movement of goods
  • employment and social affairs
  • competition
  • taxation
  • economic and monetary policy and free movement of capital
  • external relations
  • freedom to provide services
  • development and cooperation

We purchase additional materials on EU law to supplement the depository program.

Last Revised:  April 2013