General - Materials are collected chiefly in digital or print format. Print or microform are currently used as mediums for archival retention. Our goal is to provide access in the most convenient and cost-effective format.  We prefer not to duplicate materials in multiple formats.

We also prefer online resources that provide campus-wide access and IP authentication. 

Decisions in every case will be made by considering the following criteria:

  • Is the information primary or secondary?
  • Does it exist elsewhere in a stable digital format, preferably in a pdf format?
  • How often and for what purposes is it likely to be consulted?
  • Does the Library have an obligation to provide access to this material for future users?

Serials – Digital format preferred, so long as:

  • The resource exists in a stable, citable format (such as pdf with original pagination) and,
  • The resource is hosted by an established vendor or a governmental entity whose ability to archive and preserve is reliable.

Monographs – Print format preferred, however:

  • E-books may be acquired upon request.
  • E-book package subscriptions are also considered depending upon subject needs.


Audio-Visual Materials

  • Acquired at the special request of faculty or if of major legal significance. 
  • Classic movie and tv series titles with significant legal themes are also acquired. 

Microforms – Collect microforms infrequently considering the following criteria:

  • Expense, infrequency of use or unavailability precludes having a print copy
  • Online access is not available
  • Print copies would be likely to deteriorate
  • Space constraints limit print copies

CD-ROM – Prefer not to purchase CD-ROMs or discs .  CD-ROMs and discs that accompany printed material are retained with the books. 

Reprints  - With few exceptions, do not collect reprints.  The primary exception is reprint editions of important basic or historical works.  We will purchase a reprint edition of such a work if we do not own an original printing, or if the copy of the original printing is not suitable for routine circulation.