Undergraduate Courses

Qualifying course offerings can change from semester to semester. For a complete list for the current academic year, check the student handbook or contact the Law School Registrar.

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  • The Constitution and Political Parties , JURI: 2100 , Credit Hours: 3
    This course will help students understand the relationship between the Constitution and one of our most important political institutions: political parties.  The Founding Fathers were opposed to political parties and designed the Constitution expecting they would not exist.  Parties nevertheless rapidly emerged and have been continually shaped by a changing constitutional structure.  Simultaneously, parties themselves have made indelible impacts on both the constitutional text and constitutional interpretation.

  • Undergraduate Mock Trial , JURI: 3500 , Credit Hours: 2
    Students will earn credit through participation as members of the University of Georgia Mock Trial Team. Participants in the course will assume roles as lawyers, witnesses, and/or student coaches preparing for and competing in tournaments sponsored by the American Mock Trial Association. Limited to members of the UGA Mock Trial Team.