For anything clicker-related, from a demonstration session to trial use of a clicker set to in-class support, please contact TJ Striepe, Faculty Librarian, directly at 706-543-5077, < > or the Law Help Desk, 706-542-0895.

UGA's Center for Teaching and Learning supports the Turning Technologies Response Card NXT clicker for campuswide use. CTL's office (706-542-1582) also loans sets of either 42 or 16 clickers as availability permits.

This same model clicker has been in use on campus since the fall of 2010. At Tate Center Bookstore, new clickers go for $50, used for $40.


Clicker Use Developments in Georgia Law Classrooms

Since summer 2012 classroom instruction has included clicker-use in at least one class and as many as three.

In spring 2014 two classes will be pilot testing a classroom response system open to participation via a range of student-provided smart devices including laptop computers.

In the summer of 2013 the Deans' Office provided funding for 200 additional clickers so that, with a total of 250 clickers available, professors could opt into clicker use throughout a given semester and students in that class could check out a clicker for the semester from the law library.

In the summer of 2012, Law Computing Services purchased two sets of 25 clickers to begin a pilot program in classroom clicker use. In facilitating the sharing of these clickers among faculty we hope to provide the law faculty a reasonable opportunity to discover what pedagogical value may be added to law classes through trial use of the clickers. We are gathering information on possible alternative use of smart devices to act as a clicker device. Three professors used clickers in a total of six classes during the 2012-2013 academic year.

Last update:  January 14, 2014