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Global Jurist - Global Jurist offers a forum for scholarly cyber-debate on issues of comparative law, law and economics, international law, law and development, and legal anthropology. Edited by an international board of leading comparative law scholars from all the continents, Global Jurist is mindful of globalization and respectful of cultural differences. We will develop a truly international community of legal scholars where linguistic and cultural barriers are overcome and legal issues are finally discussed outside of the narrow limits imposed by positivism, parochialism, ethnocentrism, imperialism and chauvinism in the law.

Legal Repository - The Legal Repository is a network of law-related research materials. Law schools, research units, institutes, centers, think tanks, conferences, and other subject-appropriate groups post materials to specific publications (e.g., the USC Working Paper Series). This high-quality content may be downloaded freely by interested readers.

Current Cites - A team of librarians and library staff monitors information technology literature in both print and digital forms, each month selecting only the best items to annotate for a free publication. The resulting issue of 10-15 annotated citations of current literature is emailed to a mailing list and is redistributed on other electronic fora. The individual citations are also individually indexed so that you can dynamically create your own Bibliography On-Demand.

Google Scholar - NOT linked from Google's main search page, access content from "scholarly" materials found on the OPEN WEB, For many citations, you'll find a direct link to other articles in the Google Scholar database that cite the article you've selected.

Law Professor Blogs - Law Professor Blogs is a network of web logs ("blogs") designed from the ground-up to assist law professors in their scholarship and teaching. Each site focuses on a particular area of law and combines both (1) regularly-updated permanent resources and links, and (2) daily news and information of interest to law professors.

Legal Scholarship Network (LSN/SSRN) - The goal of LSN is to facilitate the distribution of scholarly information related to law to legal, economics, and business scholars and practitioners throughout the world. LSN is a division of Social Science Research Network (SSRN). LSN publishes a broad series of email abstracting journals of working papers and articles accepted for publication. In addition to including abstracts of scholarly papers, they also publish weekly Professional Announcements that include announcements such as important professional meetings, calls for papers and special issues of journals, and Professional Job Listings that carry announcements of open positions in academia and industry.

NELLCO Legal Scholarship Repository - The NELLCO Legal Scholarship Repository provides a free and persistent point of access for working papers, reports, lecture series, workshop presentations, and other scholarship created by faculty at NELLCO member schools.