Final Undergraduate Transcript

Even if you had already obtained your undergraduate degree at the time you applied and were admitted, you must provide a final official transcript from your undergraduate institution to the Office of Admissions prior to Orientation. Official transcripts must reflect that a degree was granted and must be sent from the undergraduate school's registrar directly to the School of Law at the following address:

University of Georgia School of Law
Office of Admissions
Athens, GA 30602-6012

American Bar Association accreditation requirements mandate that an official, original, final transcript with degree conferred from the baccalaureate degree-granting institution be on file with the School of Law and LSAC. For those applicants who sent in final transcripts to LSAC, you will still need to have an original copy sent to the School of Law. The transcript from LSAC accompanying the Law School Report for the application is a photocopy and does not satisfy the ABA requirement. Transcripts must be received by the School of Law directly from the undergraduate school's registrar and must be addressed to the School of Law, not the student.

*Please note, if you have recently graduated, check with your school's registrar to ensure your degree will show as awarded or granted on your transcript before you order updated transcripts for LSAC and the School of Law.