Firm and Corporation Alumni/Alumnae Challenge

The School of Law is pleased to formally establish the Firm and Corporation Alumni/Alumnae Challenge.  Firms with 5 or more Georgia Law graduates are eligible to participate in the challenge, which seeks to achieve 100% participation in giving from graduates in the firm. The law school and its development staff support the efforts of volunteers, Challenge Representatives, to secure annual contributions from their colleagues.

The Firm and Corporation Alumni/Alumnae Challenge participants are grouped according to the number of Georgia Law alumni/alumnae lawyers.  The annual competition is for firm-wide participation in making a personal gift to Georgia Law during the university’s fiscal year, July 1 – June 30 and is divided between three groups. 

Firm and Corporation Alumni/Alumnae Challenge Groups:

  • Group A – Organizations with 20 or more law graduates

  • Group B – Organizations with 10 - 19 law graduates

  • Group C – Organizations with 5 - 9 law graduates

Challenge participants benefit by enhancing their visibility among our outstanding students, who are among our nation’s best and brightest. Firms and corporations that achieve 100 percent participation will receive special public recognition, including:

  • Signage prominently displayed in common student areas at the University of Georgia School of Law, inside the Career Services Office, and during on-campus interviews.
  •  Public recognition in the school’s Annual Report and on the school’s website.
  • First firm or corporation reaching 100% during the fiscal year will hold and display the school’s Challenge Cup – an engraved silver-plated – until the next fiscal year. 

  • Each year we will engrave the year and winning firm or corporation name on the base of the Challenge Cup.   

All Class and Challenge participants benefit from a stronger and more highly ranked School of Law.

Private support from alumni/alumnae and friends is essential to the law school’s ability to attract top teachers and scholars, to offer a rich curriculum, and to both keep talented Georgia-resident students in our state and import talented students from other states and countries. In short, the leadership of our volunteers provides the foundation for Georgia Law’s continued excellence.  

Purpose of the Challenge:

The School of Law has created the Firm and Corporation Alumni/Alumnae Challenge to foster increased investment in our mission by our graduates by educating our alumni/alumnae about the importance of consistent gift support to our continued success. The Challenge seeks to build participation in annual giving and increase overall private financial support by offering our graduates and their firms a fun and competitive way to show their support for the School of Law and our students.


Trophy Holders

FY2015 – 2016
Taylor English Duma, LLP – 23 alumni – Alison M. Ballard ‘09
Hulsey, Oliver & Mahar, LLP – 13 alumni – Jason A. Dean ‘99
Gulfstream Aerospace, Corp. – 5 alumni – J. Stephen Albright ‘10


FY2014 – 2015
Hulsey, Oliver & Mahar, LLP - 12 alumni - Jason A. Dean '99
Smith Gilliam Williams & Miles - PA - 7 alumni - M. Tyler Smith '90

FY2013 – 2014
Hulsey, Oliver & Mahar, LLP – 12 alumni – Julius M. Husley ‘63
Downey & Cleveland – 8 alumni – W. Curtis Anderson ‘84

FY2012 – 2013
Hulsey, Oliver & Mahar, LLP – 12 alumni – Julius M. Husley ‘63
Brennan & Wasden, LLP – 7 alumni – Wiley A. Wasden ‘94

 FY2011 - 2012
Fortson, Bentley and Griffin - 14 alumni - Jeffrey W. DeLoach '03
Pope, McGlamary, Kilpatrick Morrison & Norwood - 6 alumni - MJ Blakely '06

  FY2010 - 2011
Hulsey, Oliver & Mahar, LLP - 12 alumni - Julius M. Husley '63
Littler Mendelson - 6 alumni - John T. Stembridge '03

 FY2009 - 2010
Brinson, Askew, Berry Seigler, Richardson & Davis, LLP - 9 alumni - J. Anderson "Andy" Davis '84