John A. Sibley Professorship in Corporate and Business Law - 

The primary purpose of the Fund is to provide a salary supplement sufficient for the School of Law to attract and retain a professor of the highest competence and distinction. If there is any income from the Fund beyond that required for the primary purpose, it may be used for the support of the Professorship itself, including such costs as professional travel, research assistance, library or office materials and secretarial assistance for the holder of the professorship. If the income from the Fund in any year shall exceed the amounts required for the purposes indicated above, the excess income may become a part of the corpus of the Fund through re-investment at the direction of the Dean of the School of Law.

If the entire income generated by the Fund is not needed for the purpose as stated herein, the residual amount may be used to support scholarships for Law Students as directed by the Dean of the Law School. Such Law Students shall be known as "Sibley Scholars."

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Faculty Support

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