Hello, Hola, Olá, and Bonjou!

    The Hispanic & Latino Law Students Association (HLLSA) is a student-run organization that aims to promote Hispanic and Latino students' academic and professional success.

    Hispanic and Latino mean different things to many people. Thus, we encourage ALL that identify with our community to join…regardless of race, ethnicity, skin complexion, or fluency in languages other than English.

    Although we aim to raise cultural awareness about issues affecting the Hispanic and Latino communities, HLLSA is a diverse organization available to members of all backgrounds. If you are interested in connecting with other Hispanic and Latino law students or are interested in any area of law that strongly affects the Hispanic and Latino communities, please join!

    Feel free to contact one of the student officers via: ugalawhlsa@gmail.com

    2023 - 2024

    President: Joseph Valenza  -  jvv61692@uga.edu
    Vice President: Natalya Moody  -  ndm30634@uga.edu
    Treasurer: Anna Carolina Mares  -  acm61803@uga.edu
    Communications Coordinator: Alexa Hernandez  -  agh56717@uga.edu

    We, the members of the Hispanic & Latino Law Students Association, subscribing to the regulations and policies of the University of Georgia, establish this Constitution to govern the matters within our organization.

    The name of this organization is “Hispanic & Latino Law Students Association” or “HLLSA.”

    The purpose of HLLSA at UGA shall be:
    To provide a means for students at University of Georgia School of Law (“UGA Law”) to meet and interact.
    To provide a forum for discussion and appreciation of our general interest.

    To provide a place to participate in various interactions, and plan events tailored to our organizational interests.

    Membership shall be limited to currently enrolled UGA Law students, faculty, and/or staff members.

    Dues are not necessary to be a member of the organization.
    Membership privileges include, but are not limited to:
    Reduced admission to our annual Hispanic & Latino Law Students Association Event; The opportunity to socialize with students with similar interests; and The opportunity to network with Latinx/Hispanic legal professionals.

    Membership and all privileges, including officer positions, must be extended to all law students without regard to race, color, sex (including sexual harassment and pregnancy), sexual orientation, gender identity, ethnicity or national origin, religion, age, genetic information, disability, or veteran status.

    Membership and all privileges, including officer positions, must be extended to all students as stated in the University of Georgia Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Policy. Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 protects people from discrimination based on race, color or national origin in programs or activities that receive Federal financial assistance. Title IX states that: No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance.

    All officers must have paid their Student Activity Fee.

    Terms of office: one year, with elections for following year occurring in March.

    Term limits: officers may hold office for no more than 2 consecutive years.

    There are three (4) officers of this organization, consisting of the President, Vice President, Treasurer and Communications Coordinator. Officers must be full-time law students in good academic standing.

    Presides over all meetings;
    Serves as coordinator for all organizational responsibilities and activities, and delegates necessary tasks to executive board members.

    Vice President:
    Assists president in all duties, and Presides over meetings when president is absent.

    Retains complete financial records;
    Completes written financial report at end of academic term;
    Presides over meetings when both President and Vice President are absent.

    Communications Coordinator
    Monitors and maintains the organization’s social media and online presence.

    Takes minutes during Executive Board meetings.
    Emails out announcements to inform members of upcoming events and meetings.

    Appointments will occur every year in March.
    Candidates must be current students, enrolled full-time at UGA Law, in good academic standing, and have paid their Student Activity Fee.
    Candidates must demonstrate interest by submitting applications to officers. If multiple members show interest in the same position, the officers will adopt an election process where a candidate will be elected based on majority vote.

    Only currently enrolled law students may vote in elections.
    Winning candidates will take office at the end of the Spring academic semester.

    If only one candidate demonstrates interest for an officer position, the presiding Executive Board will appoint that candidate to said position by default.

    To remove an officer from the executive board, a motion signed by at least two current student members can be brought to the existing Executive Board.

    The Executive Board will then inform the officer in question and hold an anonymous vote without the officer present.

    If 2/3 of membership votes to remove the officer, they will be removed from office, effective immediately.

    Only currently enrolled UGA Law students may vote in officer removal.
    No appeals process will be available.

    General body meetings shall be held twice a month, and additional officer meetings or event meetings may be scheduled by the President.

    Quorum is 51% of student membership.
    Quorum must be met for any vote to be valid (e.g.: elections, officer removal, amendments, etc.), or for any official business to be transacted.

    Amendments may be proposed by any student member of the organization.

    Proposed amendments must be brought to the Executive Board, who will hold a vote at the next general body meeting.

    Amendments are passed by 2/3 vote of student membership.

    This organization shall have one (1) faculty advisor who shall be an ex-officio member with no voting privileges.

    Advisor shall provide counsel in organizational activities and events, and offer advice when student membership requires assistance.


    Student organizations are not a part of nor are they agencies of the University of Georgia School of Law or the University of Georgia.  Neither the University of Georgia School of Law nor the University of Georgia direct, supervise, or control these organizations.  Each organization is a separate and independent organization and is responsible for and manages its own activities and affairs. The University of Georgia School of Law and the University of Georgia are not responsible for any of these organizations’ contracts, acts or omissions.

    The content and opinions expressed in student organization websites linked from this web page do not necessarily reflect the views of nor are they endorsed by the University of Georgia or the University System of Georgia.