The Alexander Campbell King Hall Law Library is primarily for the use of University of Georgia School of Law faculty, staff, and J.D., LL.M, and M.S.L. students. The Law Library is open to the public daily Monday - Friday from 9:00 am to 5:45 pm. Please refer to the Law Library Hours of Operation for the normal hours of the Circulation and Reference Desks and the exceptions to those hours.

For the safety of Law Library users and the security of our collection, Law Library access outside of the School of Law’s public access hours is restricted to School of Law faculty, staff, and J.D., LL.M, and M.S.L. students. During the School of Law’s reading and final exam periods, access is limited to School of Law faculty, staff, and J.D., LL.M, M.S.L., and Minor in Law, Jurisprudence, and the State students. Please contact the Circulation Desk with any questions concerning access to the Law Library.   

Law Library Hours of Operation

Reference Services

Reference librarians are available to provide legal reference assistance to patrons of the Law Library. Reference librarians primarily serve School of Law's students, faculty, staff, and administration, and assist members of the broader community as time permits. Reference librarians may not provide legal advice or analysis.

Use of Computers

Use of computers in the Law Library is subject to the University of Georgia’s Policies on the Use of Computers.

Library Conduct

  • Food and Beverage 
    Food is not permitted in any of the public areas of the Law Library. Beverages with in containers with sealable lids are permitted in the Law Library
  • Noise
    Students are encouraged to talk and collaborate in the Law Library Reading Room and Balcony areas.  The Annex of the Law Library is reserved for quiet study. Students must keep their noise to a minimum in all areas of the Annex.
  • Personal Belongings
    Do not leave personal belongings unattended.  All personal belongings should be taken with you when leaving your study area. The Law Library is not responsible for loss, theft, or damage to personal belongings.
  • Promotional Materials
    The Law Library does not permit the posting or display of non-library related materials.  Official School of Law and University publications selected by the Law Library staff may be distributed in the Law Library on a short-term, limited basis.  The University of Georgia Student Organizations Resources website includes venue suggestions for promotional materials.

Law Library Entrance Reservation

The entrance to the Law Library is available to School of Law faculty, staff and student organizations, as well as Law Library vendors. The Law Library reserves the right to prohibit use of its space for any activity or program that conflicts with its educational mission. All use of Law Library space must be consistent with relevant Law Library and University of Georgia policies.

To make a reservation request please complete this form.

Lost Items

Items found in the Law Library by staff members or turned in to the Law Library as lost will be kept behind the Circulation Desk. Items are not kept after the end of the current academic year.

Special Collections

Contact the Metadata Services & Special Collections Librarian for access to items in the Law Library's special collections or archives.

Privacy and Confidentiality

The Law Library complies with all applicable federal and state laws regarding confidentiality and privacy of Law Library user records.