Building your professional network can seem intimidating at first, but if you think of this as a natural way to engage in the world that you have chosen for your career, you will find it to become a pleasant - and productive - activity.

Basic advice:

  • Choose activities that you already enjoy, where you may also meet those in your field of interest;
  • Educate yourself as thoroughly as possible in advance, in order to generate interesting conversation;
  • Do not be shy about letting people know your career dreams and interests;
  • Never underestimate the help that non-lawyers can provide - everyone will be contacting lawyers, if you contact others they will be able to generate creative and useful contacts;
  • Focus any discussion on positive topics - think long term and ask for things that can be delivered (advice, information, referrals) not awkward items that cannot be instantly produced (job);
  • Show enthusiasm!

Expert advice:

Social media is an integral part of the networking landscape.  Use it wisely!

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