If a temporary fleet vehicle is not available, state employees must choose the least expensive option between a rental vehicle or mileage reimbursement for use of their personal vehicle. The State of Georgia has a mandatory statewide contract with specified car rental vendors. These vendors and rental information can be located on the University's travel website at:


Car rentals should be used when it is determined that renting a car is the most economical form of transportation. To determine the most cost effective means of ground transportation, refer to the Car Rental Cost Calculator link located under Policy Appendices.

An employee will be reimbursed for actual authorized rental costs incurred for official transportation. No claim will be made, and no reimbursement paid, for mileage charges accrued as a result of, or for the portion of the flat daily charge ratably attributable to, unofficial transportation.

Approved car rental sizes are economy, compact, or intermediate (midsize). Other vehicle types require business-related justification. Vans may be rented when there are more than 4 travelers. 

Employees traveling on State business in a rented motor vehicle are covered by the State's liability policy; therefore, liability coverage should be declined when renting a motor vehicle.

Loss Damage Waiver/Collision Damage Waiver (LDW/CDW) insurance is included in the statewide contract at no additional cost. When traveling to destinations outside the Continental U.S. (OCONUS) with the exception of Canada, the State Risk Management Department recommends that travelers accept collision insurance. If an employee rents outside of the statewide contract when the contract provider is not available, then they should purchase the additional coverage that addresses loss or damage to the rental unit. Travelers will be reimbursed for the additional insurance coverage. Contact the DOAS Risk Management Services Department regarding any questions related to rental car insurance coverage.

In the event of an accident while driving a rental vehicle, contact the Risk Management Office at 1-877-656-7475 and the appropriate car rental vendor for claims handling.

NOTE: The State liability policy is only in effect while the employee is using the rented vehicle for official State business. For this reason, personal use of the vehicle, including allowing friends or family members to ride in a State rented vehicle, is prohibited.

Employees requiring the use of commercially leased vehicles will be reimbursed for gasoline
purchases associated with the business use of such vehicle, provided appropriate receipts
are included. Travelers must decline optional fuel offerings provided by rental agencies.

The University provides for reimbursement of auto rentals in travel between points away from
traveler's residence where a personally owned vehicle cannot be used, or where commercial 
transportation is not available, is more expensive, or is not feasible. A receipt for a vehicle rental should be forwarded as an attachment with the Travel Expense Statement requesting reimbursement after the travel. The amount of the expense should be entered on the back side of the Travel Expense Statement under "Common Carrier/Taxi/Shuttle." 

Transportation by common carrier will be by scheduled plane, rail, or bus. Reimbursement will be made upon presentation of ticket stub, receipt, or other documentary evidence of expenditure.