Terms & Funding

The Fellowship Program requires approved candidates to make a two-year commitment to the Fellowship, including a minimum of 12 months of service provision. Each Fellowship will start on or about August 15 of each year and will run for two consecutive years thereafter. During the Fellowship period, each Fellow will serve as an employee of the University of Georgia School of Law, with salary, benefits and stipends paid for through Fellowship funds. 

The Fellowship will pay a salary of $40,000 per year for each year of the Fellowship, with the possibility of additional funding from the School of Law. Each Fellow may elect to receive benefits through the University of Georgia for both years. Finally, the Fellowship will pay a travel and research stipend of $4,500 for each year of the Fellowship. The Fellow may use the stipend for investigation, research and project development, with the approval of the Fellowship Coordinator. Possible stipend expenditures include travel, research assistance, creation of materials, and development of future financial resources.

During the teaching and research phase, Fellows must be available to co-teach at least one clinical class at the University of Georgia, including, at a minimum, a regular part-time presence in Athens. The University of Georgia School of Law will provide instructional support for all Fellows, and will offer office space, computer and secretarial support to Fellows during their work at the law school.

During the service phase, Fellows must work from the host organization. The host organization must provide office space, network and secretarial support to Fellows during this period. While the School of Law will continue to provide salary, benefits and a stipend directly to the Fellow, the Host organization may supplement those amounts with further financial assistance as it deems appropriate from independent sources.