Once you have been accepted to the University of Georgia School of Law, you should receive an email from the Enterprise Information Technology Services (EITS) department.  The body of the email contains important information regarding the assignment of your MyID and UGA email address.  
Questions? Please contact the UGA EITS Help Desk at 706-542-3106.


A sample of this email is below: [the link included is not active]

Dear Law Student,

Congratulations on your acceptance to the University of Georgia School of Law. You have been assigned a UGA MyID. It is important to save this email because you will need information from this email in the future. A MyID is required to access a number of UGA resources including class registration and email.

MyIDs are the user’s initials plus five random digits (example: abc12345). Your MyID will remain the same for the duration of your enrollment at UGA.

Your MyID is: lawstudent123

To select your password for your MyID, visit the following one-time use link, which expires in 15 days:

You will need to enter your MyID on the website, so keep it handy. Remember, the link above is a one-time link, so only visit this link when you have time to complete the process that will take you about 10 minutes. You will be asked to complete your MyID profile by setting up your password, providing security question and answer pairs, as well as setting up your password reset preferences.

Your MyID will remain the same for the duration of your enrollment at UGA. If you want to change your MyID password, visit

In addition, you have been assigned an email address to UGAMail, which is your University-provided email service. Going forward, all official email from the University will be sent to your UGAMail address. Be sure to check your UGAMail account for emails.

To access your UGAMail, you must complete your UGA MyID profile first.

After you receive your UGA email address, please send your newly established email address to Data Management Specialist Brandi Saunders, so that you will receive official communications from the School of Law.

Your UGAMail email address is:

To login to your UGAMail account, you will enter your MyID followed by “” For example: Your password to your UGAMail account is your MyID password. Log in at

The UGAMail address listed above (not the is the one that other people will see and that you may distribute. Email sent to both addresses will go into the same inbox in UGAMail, but only your non-MyID email address will be publicly displayed.

If you want to change your UGAMail address, visit

If you need technical assistance with your UGAMail account or MyID, please contact the EITS Help Desk at 706-542-3106.

Thank you,

Enterprise Information Technology Services (EITS)

The University of Georgia