Instructions for Obtaining Electronic Copies of Unofficial Transcripts in Athena

  1. Log into Athena
  2. Choose "Student"
  3. Choose "Student Records"
  4. Click on "Unofficial Transcript"
  5. Click "Transcript Level" and select "Law" in the drop down box and then click "Submit".  You will then see your unofficial transcript.
  6. In the "File" menu click on "Print" and then choose Adobe PDF as the printer.
  7. Upload to your computer files or submit directly to employers posting positions in LawDawgDash.
  8. If you do not have Adobe PDF as an option in your menu, please use the computers available in the law library.
  9. To upload a document into LawDawgDash, login to your account, go to the "Documents" tab, and click "Add New".

If you have any trouble, contact the Career Development Office at

* This report of University of Georgia School of Law grades is provided for informational purposes. School of Law transcripts may be obtained from the Office of the Law Registrar at the written request of the student.