JURI Number
5170S and 5171S
Credit Hours
Course Description

The Criminal Defense Practicum places law students inside public defender offices throughout Georgia - including the Atlanta, Northern, Northeastern, Piedmont, Stone Mountain, and Western Circuits.  Students perform part-time externships within a selected public defender office under the supervision of one of more staff attorneys.  In both CDP 1 and 2, the externship is coupled with a weekly seminar where a range of issues related to criminal law practice and indigent defense systems are discussed. 

Criminal Defense Practicum I is an introduction to the inner workings of the public defender system and local courts. Students work part-time with a supervising attorney and assist with client and witness interviewing, case investigation, legal research and writing, and courtroom advocacy under the Student Practice Rule. Admission to CDP 1 is through an application and interview process. Enrollment is by permission of the instructor. 4 credits.