Course Information & Requirements

Students enroll for four, five or six hours of credit. Earning four hours of credit requires ten on-site office hours per week in addition to the seminar classroom time (two hours per week). Earning five hours of credit requires 15 on-site hours and earning six hours of credit requires 20 hours of on-site work per week in addition to classroom time. Students must also submit two or three written journal-style assignments per semester in addition to their client work. As with other clinics, half of the credit hours earned receive a letter grade, and half of the hours earned are “pass/fail”.

FJC students participate in a weekly classroom seminars and periodic staff meetings. Readings for the seminars may include cases, news articles, novels and longer non-fiction works. In the seminar, students use the readings and discussions to learn state and federal domestic relations and family violence-related laws, as well as the skills required for effective practice in the field. Students also learn to analyze relevant community and practical concerns. Staff meetings provide students and the managing attorney opportunities to discuss individual clients and callers and to review active case files,