Award Amount


Submissions Due August 1, 2023

Pines Federal is proud to offer a $1,000 scholarship to a current or incoming student interested in civil service, federal employment law, or becoming a federal employment attorney.

Please find the details below:

  • Amount awarded – $1,000
  • Number of winners – 1
  • Submission format – essay application
  • What you need – your name, a valid email address, your physical address, phone number, a copy of your transcripts or proof of enrollment, and a Word doc or PDF of your essay
  • Submission deadline – August 1, 2023

Eligibility Requirements

Applicants must be outgoing high school seniors (graduating in summer 2023) or current students enrolled in a college, trade school, university, or law school at the start of the fall 2023 semester.

Students must be interested in civil service, employment law, or becoming a federal employment attorney.

Essay Question

Please use your essay to answer the following question:

Why do you want to become a civil servant, federal employee, or federal employment attorney?

How To Apply

Please email the following information to

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • What school you’re attending
  • Transcript or proof of enrollment
  • Your essay