University of Georgia School of Law spaces cannot be reserved for commercial solicitation, private functions, study sessions, or events for which admission is charged, and generally are for use by law school academic and administrative offices or law student organizations.

The School of Law reserves the right to prohibit use of its space for any activity or program that conflicts with its educational mission. All use of law school space must be consistent with relevant University of Georgia policies.

Please submit this request form at least 48 hours in advance. If the event is less than 48 hours away, please call Amy Weaver at 706-542-7140.

Are you current member of the law school (faculty, staff, student)?
Please submit your request through the Campus Reservations System. The only room available for reservation to departments outside of the law school is the Larry Walker Room. If you have any questions you may contact the law school Facilities Manager & Event Coordinator Mary Beisswenger at
Is this event for a student organization?
DO NOT USE THIS FORM! Please use this form, Request to Plan a Student Event or Room Reservation, to setup your event and reserve a room.
Do you want this to appear on the law school event calendar?
To place your event on the UGA Master Calendar, if applicable, submit your request to
Law School Event Calendar Posting Information
Include information about guest speaker(s), if food will be served, etc.
NOTE: You are limited to 700 characters.
You can submit an electronic flyer to accompany your event on the law school’s calendar in a .jpeg format.
One file only.
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Allowed types: jpg, jpeg.
Audience (Please check all that apply):
Do you want this to appear on the kiosk?

Suitability (e.g., size, etc.) of requested room(s) should be determined in advance.

Conference organizers should Contact I.T. Services to discuss tech support needs at least three business days prior to the event:, 542-0895.

Multimedia classrooms are equipped to project a laptop or other media. For assistance, e-mail or call 542-0895.

* For other rooms, portable AV equipment may be reserved. To request portable equipment, e-mail or call 542-1922.

If your event requires ACCESS OUTSIDE OF regular campus business hours (exterior doors are locked at 6 p.m., Mondays through Fridays, and at all times Saturday and Sundays), UGA Card electronic building access may be arranged by contacting Mary Beisswenger, School of Law Facilities Manager,, or, (706) 542-0335, at least 48 hours before an event.

Building Floor Room Number Room Name Capacity Multimedia/projector *
Hirsch Hall (Bldg. #0043) 1st 120 Classroom A 110 Yes
    122 Classroom B 110 Yes
      G. Sanders Griffith III Concourse 50  
      Morris, Manning, & Martin Cafe 50  
      Eversheds Sutherland Courtyard 100  
  2nd 256 Classroom C 80 Yes
    254 Classroom D 20 Yes
    252 Classroom E 30 Yes
    246 Classroom F 90 Yes
      Law Library Foyer 50  
      Patio 25  
      Rotunda 50  
  3rd 358 Classroom G 80 Yes
    355 Classroom H 30 Yes
    353 Classroom I 40 Yes
    347 Classroom J 90 Yes
    366 Classroom L 35 Yes
    343 Hatton Lovejoy Courtroom 120  
      Dunlap Room 30  
    328 Cheeley Room 20 Yes
      Kirbo Foundation Concourse 50  
Rusk Hall (Bldg. #0045) 1st 109 Classroom K 72 Yes
    120 Butler Courtroom 40 Yes
  2nd 203 Carl Sanders Boardroom 25 Yes
  3rd   Rusk Atrium 50  
  4th 402 Larry Walker Room 150 Yes
I understand room requests are processed only during regular campus business hours, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.
I certify that I will not announce a meeting or an event until this space request is confirmed via email.
I certify I have checked pertinent schedules to determine availability of the room requested.
I accept responsibility for set-up/clean-up of facilities reserved by this form.