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The University of Georgia School of Law

Athens, Ga.

Thursday, October 9 through Saturday, October 11, 2014





Thursday, October 9

7:00 p.m.   Cocktails at La Dolce Vita
7:30 p.m.   Dinner at La Dolce Vita


Friday, October 10

8:15 to 9:15   Continental Breakfast and Welcome in Dunlap Room (Hirsch Hall, 3d Floor of Law School)
9:15 to 11:30   Panels 1A & 1B (all panels will be in Rooms G and H in Hirsch Hall)

Panel 1A -- Commenter, Evan Lee (Room G)

Seth Davis (Standing Doctrine's State Action Problem)

Tara Leigh Grove (Reconsidering the Political Question Doctrine)

Michael Sant'Ambrogio (Standing in the Shadow of Popular Sovereignty)


Panel 1B -- Commenter, Heather Elliott (Room H)

Megan La Belle (The Local Rules of Patent Procedure)

Alan Trammell (A Tale of Two Jurisdictions)

Verity Winship (Shareholder Litigation by Contract)

11:30 to 12:45   Lunch (provided)
12:45 to 2:45   Panels 2A & 2B

Panel 2A -- Commenter, Janet Alexander (Room G)

Zachary Clopton (Public-Private Enforcement)

Jaime Dodge (Shadow Judges)

Dana Remus & Adam Zimmerman (The Corporate Settlement Mill)


Panel 2B -- Commenter, Amanda Tyler (Room H)

Emily Garcia-Uhrig (Why Only Gideon?  Martinez v. Ryan and the "Equitable" Right to Counsel in Habeas Corpus)

Lee Kovarsky (Habeas Corpus: Relitigation or Review?)

Aaron Nielson & Chris Walker (The New Qualified Immunity)

2:45 to 3:05   Break
3:05 to 5:05   Panels 3A & 3B

Panel 3A -- Commenter, Mark Tushnet (Room G)

Josh Blackman (State Judicial Sovereignty)

Andrew Bradt (When States Don't Blink: Managing Declaratory Relief, Parallel Litigation, and Full Faith and Credit)

Brooke Coleman (Civil-izing Federalism)


Panel 3B -- Commenter, Gillian Metzger (Room H)

Kent Barnett (Standing for (and up to) the Separation of Powers)

Paul Gugliuzza (Patent Preemption)

Mila Sohoni (The Power to Privilege)

6:30   Dinner at Etienne


Saturday, October 11

8:15 to 9:00   Continental Breakfast in Dunlap Room (Hirsch Hall, 3d Floor of Law School)
9:00 to 12:00   Panels 4A & 4B

Panel 4A -- Commenter, Jim Pfander (Room G)

Samuel Bray (The Supreme Court and the New Equity)

Nathan Chapman (The Jury's Constitutional Judgment)

Jonathan Masur & Lisa Larrimore Ouellette (Deference Mistakes)

Michael Morley (Erie, Injunctions, and the Federal Equity)


Panel 4B -- Commenter, Steve Vladeck (Room H)

Sergio Campos (The Trust Model of the Class Action)

Russell Gold (Compensation's Reputational Role in Class Action Deterrence)

Teddy Rave (When Peace Is Not the Goal of a Class Action Settlement)

Ryan Williams (Due Process, Class Action Opt Outs, and the Right Not to Sue)

12:00   Lunch


UGA Wireless Access

All UGA students, faculty and staff are encouraged to exclusively use PAWS-Secure for all of their personal and work-related devices. Most devices will automatically ask you to join PAWS-Secure, which encrypts data shared between a computer, laptop, phone and tablet and a wireless access point. PAWS-Secure requires just a one-time registration for your device. To access PAWS-Secure, provide your valid UGA MyID and password (the same as your UGAMail login and password). 
If you don't have a valid UGA MyID -- such as if you are a campus visitor -- you can connect to the wireless network called "Welcome to UGA." Prior to October 9 a password will be emailed to you for using with this wireless network. Please be aware that guests using UGA's wireless network are expected to comply with the EITS guest policies.



Lodging and Transportation


Hotel Indigo

Groome Transportation

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