Official Administrative UGA Law Student Listservs

Official Law School listservs are used to inform students of official Law School events, requirements, deadlines and so on. The official listservs do not accept direct postings from students. Students cannot unsubscribe to the official listservs. UGA policy requires each student to regularly read messages in one's personal UGA email account.

Student requests to post specific text to a faculty and/or staff listserv should be sent to Chantelle Tickles, Associate Director of Student Affairs.


Specialized, Optional Law Listservs for Messages for Students from Students (to Inboxes of all enrolled students)

    and / or Inboxes of all enrolled students)
And, Class-Specific versions of LAWORG-ANNOUNCE

All are moderated lists to which students can post messages. While all incoming students will be subscribed to these lists, in fact, students may unsubscribe or resubscribe from these lists whenever they choose.

These listservs will only accept a message posted from an enrolled law student's < > account (if message comes from, say, < > the system has no way to verify you as an authorized poster).

Student posters must evidence awareness of all rules governing the use of the listservs, as follows:

LAWORG-ANNOUNCE messages must relate to one of the following categories:

    a) announcement by officers of recognized Law School student organizations concerning meetings, events, projects, achievements and similar matters (no explicit advertisement of  the sale or distribution of alcoholic beverages is permitted); or,

    b) lost and found messages posted by individual law students concerning property lost or found in the Law School.

LAWSTU-TRADE messages should relate to the following non-commercial activities:

    c) the lawful buying and selling of athletic tickets; or,

    d) student-to-student information exchanges regarding housing or roommate offers/needs.

Three further considerations must be observed:

1) All postings must be consistent with all University of Georgia rules and guidelines, along with all relevant laws of the United States and the State of Georgia.

2) All proposed postings must be approved before appearing on the listserv.  The moderator charged with the responsibility for enforcing the rules shall be a Law School employee.  Until further notice, the moderator is Chantelle Tickles, Associate Director of Student Affairs.

3) The posting rules shall be construed liberally by the moderator.  The moderating function will be exercised during working hours during weekdays (Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.)

HOW TO UNSUBSCRIBE (Opt-OUT) from Specialized Student Listservs:

From your UGA email account, address a message to  Type only the following in the body of the message. (You will receive email confirmation.) 

        Signoff lawstu-trade (or, laworg-announce, as appropriate)

HOW TO RESUBSCRIBE (Opt-IN) to Specialized Student Listservs:

To again receive messages, from your UGA email account, address a message to  Type only the following in the body of the message. (You will receive email confirmation.)

        Subscribe laworg-announce Firstname Lastname
       (or, substitute lawstu-trade, as appropriate)


Inbox Message Relief via Digesting

Digesting collects all messages for a given day into a single message with the different message subject lines at the top in a table of contents format.

To set digesting, from your UGA email account, address a message to < >.  Type only the following in the body of the message:

        Set LAWSTU-TRADE digest 
        (to turn digesting off, substitute nodigest for the word digest)

You will receive confirmation email notice of either action.




Georgia Law IT Help Desk 
M-F, 8-5 p.m., call (706) 542-0895
come to our Library Annex offices, Room A212 or A207