JURI Number
4500S and 4501S
Credit Hours
4 - 6
Course Description

The Criminal Defense Practicum places law students inside public defender offices throughout Georgia - including the Atlanta, Northern, Northeastern, Piedmont, Stone Mountain, and Western Circuits.  Students perform part-time externships within a selected public defender office under the supervision of one of more staff attorneys.  The externship is coupled with a weekly seminar where a range of issues related to criminal law practice and indigent defense systems are discussed.

Criminal Defense Practicum II is for students who have previously taken Criminal Defense Practicum I. In CDP II, students continue working in a public defender office and engage in the full range of advocacy implicated in criminal defense. Admission to CDP 2 is through an application process and enrollment is through permission of the instructor. 4, 5, or 6 credits. 

JURI 5170S