As you'll see in these profiles, University of Georgia School of Law faculty include nationally and internationally renowned scholars and teachers, recipients of awards like Fulbright fellowships and the American Law Institute Young Scholars Medal, consultants to institutions like the International Criminal Court, and leaders in professional legal education and service. Before coming to the School of Law, many clerked on the U.S. Supreme Court and other federal courts, served as law review editors, and practiced law in diverse fields. Click here for current highlights of our faculty.

phyllis sumner pic
Phyllis B. Sumner
Adjunct Professor of Law
(706) 542-7140
taxel pic
Elizabeth Taxel
Clinical Assistant Professor & Criminal Defense Practicum Director
(706) 227-5475
Criminal Defense Practicum
taylor pic
Amy Taylor
Clinical Services and Research Librarian
(706) 542-9951
Law Library Annex A205
thompson pic
Larry D. Thompson
John A. Sibley Professor in Corporate and Business Law
(706) 542-5496
212 Hirsch Hall
togut photo
Torin D. Togut
Adjunct Professor of Law
(706) 542-7140
tracy pic
Willow Tracy
Clinical Associate Professor & Business Law Clinic Director
(706) 542-9254
110 East Clayton Street, Office 404
trimble pic
Travis M. Trimble
Legal Writing Instructor
(706) 542-9015
303 Hirsch Hall
tubinis pic
Jason Tubinis
Information Technology Librarian
(706) 542-7365
Law Library Annex A106
turner pic
Christian Turner
Associate Professor of Law
(706) 542-5140
209 Hirsch Hall
Matthew P. Warenzak
Adjunct Professor of Law
(706) 542-7140
John L. Watkins
Adjunct Professor of Law
(706) 542-5213
camilla watson pic
Camilla E. Watson
Ernest P. Rogers Chair of Law Emerita
(706) 542-7140
watson pic
Carol A. Watson
Director of the Law Library Emerita
(706) 542-1922
weeks pic
Elizabeth Weeks
UGA Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs & Charles H. Kirbo Chair in Law
(706) 542-4309
219A Hirsch Hall
wells pic
Michael L. Wells
Marion and W. Colquitt Carter Chair in Tort and Insurance Law
(706) 542-5142
209 Rusk Hall
west pic
Sonja R. West
Otis Brumby Distinguished Professor in First Amendment Law
(706) 542-5145
328 Rusk Hall
wharton pic
Cathleen S. Wharton
Retired Faculty Member
(706) 542-5188
Brian A. White
Adjunct Professor of Law
(706) 542-7140
white photo
Rebecca Hanner White
Dean & J. Alton Hosch Professor Emerita
(706) 542-1279
219A Hirsch Hall
wolfson pic
Stephen Wolfson
Associate Director for Research and Copyright Services
(706) 542-5149
Law Library Annex A107
Kalki Yalamanchili
Adjunct Professor of Law
(706) 542-7140
Kevin Young
Adjunct Professor of Law
(706) 542-7140